Model : Prism PIL 1000G
Size : 686x686x635 mm
Height of tower : 4.5 m
Weight : 50Kgs (w/Generator)
Generator : HONDA EU-2000i
Bulb : 1000W, Metal Halide

: 95,000 lumens

Feature of Air Light

1. Compact
Only 69cm~69cm~64cm body with compactly designed lighting provides you to easy carrying by one person.

2. Lightest
Thanks to Air Inflated tower, this PIL-1000G has only 25 Kgs (without generator), the lightest one in the 1000W class flood lighting tower. It is very easy to carry and use at where the vehicle cannot come in.

3. Soft lighting for the eyes
Specially designed balloon cloth provides you to soften lighting but the brightest similar as Sun-shine by filter working.

4. Speedy to ready
The time for making up the balloon tower is only 30 seconds, also within totally only 4 minutes to make the lamp to maximum output. The lamp can be available to 10,000 sq. meters at 95,000 lumens.

5. Easy to operate
Only to turning on the switch of balloon motor and lamp switch.

Carrying with minivan
Blower motor
Generator tray
Rain cover
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