Saves interior space of the vehicle, and easy to install.

Super high intensity HID lamp from 70Wx2 to 400Wx4 can be illminated up the site.

Operator can direct the light where it's needed with Full-function remote control

Light can be pointed in opposite direction (only available "Powerlite" models)

Quicker deployment and retraction of the mast
Allows the operator to conduct other important actions at rescue scene

No generator or inverter required (only available "Featherlite" and "Chief" models)

Model: Chief
Night Scan 1.8(1.8m mast)
Night Scan 2.3(2.3m mast)

Model: Powerlite
Night Scan 3.0(3.0m mast)
Night Scan 4.5(4.5m mast)
LED Night Scan Chief
NS1.8-360 LED
Nested on the roof Handheld Remote Controler Lighting fixture@(150W/24V DC)

Specification in major model
Night Scan 1.8
Night Scan 3.0
Mast height 1.8m 3.0m
Power DC12V/24V DC12V, 24V
& AC100V
Weight 42kgs 88kgs
Times for deployment 15sec. 30sec.
Pan angle 360‹ 350‹
Tilt angle 360‹ 350‹
Type of lighting fixture Power requirement
70W HIDx 2 DC12V, 24V
150W HID x 2 DC12V, 24V
400W HID x 2 AC100V 50,60Hz
400W HID x 4 AC100V 50,60Hz
90W LED x 2 DC12V, 24V
90W LED x 4 DC12V, 24V
160W LED x 2 DC12V, 24V
160W LED x 4 DC12V, 24V
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