It consists of atomized metallic powder of copper, silver, and lead that forms a protective and anti-wear coating on surfaces under constant friction.
Developed with NASA technology, tested and proven on Le Mans , Formula 1 racing cars, HOSPOWER is the unique engine power restorer your car needs.

The metallic particles in HOSPOWER cling to the engine surfaces under friction, and are crushed by the pressure and heat. They immediately re-surface the pitted cylinders (see illustration) and form a metallic coating on the bearings and crankshaft, and greatly reduce a friction coefficient.

- Re-establishes lost compression.
- Power for acceleration and overtaking.
- Cuts excessive fuel and oil consumption.
- Avoids expensive overhauling.
- Helps starting in cold weather and prevents dry starts.

- Warm the engine for about 5 minutes.
- Shake the HOSPOWER can well before use.
- Pour contents into engine oil filler. Ideally, start the engine
__ and drive for at least half an hour or 50Km to allow
__ HOSPOWER to circulate throughout the oil circuit.

For light car - 1600cc engine, use HOSPOWER MR-2.
For 1600cc - 2000cc engine, use HOSPOWER MR-3.
For 2000cc above engine, use a box of HOSPOWER MR-5.

Your car will start best on HOSPOWER with oil and filter change. For maximum result, use HOSPOWER every 10,000Km to ensure continuous engine protection and minimal power loss. HOSPOWER can be mixed with any engine oil.

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