"MORITA" is a top brand of fire fighting vehicles.  We are exporting Morita's wide variety of highly reliable products such as the latest turn table ladder truck "Super Gyro Ladder" series, aerial platform, water tenders, chemical tenders, and others to Indonesia .

"YAMATO" is a top fire extinguishers brand.  Yamato is so popular not only in Japan but also in Indonesia that people regards "Yamato" as almost synonymous with fire extinguishers. Yamato's fire extinguishers exported by TASCO have a high reputation among customers in Southeast Asian countries for their high quality.


Fire extinguishing systems are indispensable to support human safety. Since such systems as sprinklers and foam fire extinguishing systems need various kinds of numerous parts and units, their installment requires sophisticated technology and long term experience. TASCO is engaged in export of Yamato's fire extinguishing systems for Southeast Asia with professional eyes.


"TOHATSU" is a top portable fire pump brand.  Compact portable fire pumps are especially effective at fire sites where one might encounter any unimaginable situations.  We are also engaged in export of portable fire pumps to be mounted on fire fighting vehicles produced in Indonesia .

Ebara Corporation is a leading fluid machinery and systems manufacturing company, contributing greatly to the development of industries and social infrastructure in many countries worldwide.  We are engaged in exporting broad ranges of Ebara's products including stationary fire pumps and industrial-use pumps for Indonesian market.


Ashimori's jet fire hose, which is produced by its proprietary manufacturing technology, is widely acclaimed for stable high quality and reliability proven by its super durability.  In Indonesia , Ashimori's jet fire hose is supplied to fire stations and other public sectors for use in forest fire.

"NIGHT SCAN" series are compact-type super-high-intensity mobile lighting towers.  By just turning on the switch, "NIGHT SCAN" automatically rises up to 1.0 to 4.5 meters in height to illuminate the disaster site.  It runs on 12V-24V batteries mounted on a vehicle, and can be equipped on a vehicle roof thanks to its compact design.  The mirror reflector and UV filter featuring superior light distribution property in this equipment realize color that is quite close to natural sun light.
Newly LED light model has just launched.

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FRC's LED lampheads output an impressive maximum 20,000 lumens of super bright white light making it the brightest LED scene light available.
The advanced lens design generates a uniform flood and spot combination light pattern. This light pattern provides enhanced work area visibility as well as illuminates objects at a farther distance.
You can choose wide range of LED lampheads 650 lumens to 20,000 lumens depend on your pupose.

With uniquely designed reflectors and high-performance bulb, FRC OPTIMUM floodlight lights up any scenes in the dark even at night and in poor weather conditions. In particular, the luminance and luminous intensity distribution feature in High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb model are exceptional.  The heavy-duty and compact OPTIMUM floodlight is available with multiple mounting styles and a variety of options for vehicle and portable use. The product model ranges from DC 70W (HID) to AC 1500W (Halogen).

The U.S.-made portable Inflatable "Air Light" illuminates area up to 10,000 sq meters with metal halide lamp (1000W brightness) on its top, in less than only 4 minutes. The Air Light can be used without access to power, and is characterized by supporting structure in air cylinder constantly inflated by built-in blower motor in its main unit. With lightweight and compact Air Light, bright light is quickly and readily available in a variety of fields such as at disaster sites, night construction sites, and event sites, to which Electronic power supply & illumination vehicles cannot normally access.

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"Bilge Turbo Pumps"are TASCO's original product.  It pumps up large amount of water by continuously circulating freshwater powered only by water turbine. It enables water supply from rivers and oceans when suction pipe cannot be reached from bridge and in the case of earthquake disaster when hydrant can not be used.  TASCO's "Bilge Turbo Pumps" receives high credit from fire departments nationwide including Tokyo Fire Department.

Exclusive distributor in Japan

Main cause of residential fire is heat of frying oil forgotten to turn off during and after cooking deep-fired food.  Once fire comes in a deep fryer, blaze instantly moves in a ceiling and cabinets as oil temperature goes up.  A fire blanket is quite effective to extinguish fire in early stage.  Only you have to do is to pull down two tapes, pull out a fire blanket, and put it over the fire origin.  Our blanketfs flame-resistant feature is outstanding compared with any other products of this kind.  It is a wise protective tool to help prepare one for emergencies.

Air breathing apparatuses "Life Gem" series are widely used for fire fighting, life saving, evacuation guidance, and disaster prevention activities at fire stations nationwide and on vessels.  Air breathing apparatuses we export to Southeast Asian countries exhibit high performance even under extremely severe conditions.  That's why they are highly trusted by customers.

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